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Data & Assessments

MCA Tests and Support

mca_testing_2Parents:  Minnesota Assessment Reports Interpretive Guide
   Minnesota Assessment Reports Interpretive Guide
   Translated Documents can be found here
   MCA:     Video   –   Quick Guide   –   Sample Reports
MTAS:   Video   –   Quick Guide   –   Sample Reports

2019-2020 MCA Testing Schedule
2019-2020 MCA Online Testing Directions
2019-2020 MCA Paper Testing Directions
2019-2020 Test Security & Administration Training

Career and College Readiness Scores for MCA Reading and Mathematics:  link

Use of High School MCA Scores by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities:link

Test Specifications
MCAIII-Math Test Specifications:  Grades 3-8 and 11
MCAIII-Reading Test Specifications:  Grades 3-8 and 10
MCAIII-Science Test Specification:  Grades  5, 8, 9-12

Test Standards
Math Standards:  Link
Reading Standards:  Link
Science Standards:  Link

A resource for teachers to understand, interpret and use test data in the classroom

Practice Items
Pearson Perspective website – enrichment resources

MCA Item Types Tutorial (Grades 6-HS) 2019-20Achievement Level Descriptors

Test Administration Resources
Pearson Access NEXT – Proctor and Reports site link
Pearson Access NEXT Homepage –  Resources, Training and Support link
Training Management System – linkQuick Reference – Create Sessions, Add Students and Print Tickets link
Quick Reference – For Test Monitors in the Lab link
2020 MDE Test Monitor Directions for Online Testing:  link
2020 MDE Directions for Paper Administrations:  link

Understanding MCA Scale Scores September 2019Parent Guardian Guide and Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide Assessments 5/2019