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Dorien Grav

High School Business Education Teacher


Welcome to Hayfield High School Business Education

Escape_the_Control_by_shershahHayfield Schools provide students with access to computers and technology beginning in elementary school. Formal keyboarding instruction begins in 2nd grade with instruction on touch keyboarding and continues through 5th grade with units in keyboarding, computer science, technology applications, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Middle school instruction in 6th grade offers another unit of touch keyboarding for increased skill development and introduces students to Moodle, word processing, and presentation software. Middle school students also have semester courses in computers at both the 7th- and 8th-grade levels. The focus in middle school is on Microsoft 365, Intro to Computer Science, and beginning web page design.

High School students have an opportunity to take more advanced classes such as Computer Applications, Multimedia, Accounting, Advanced Accounting, and Web Page Design.