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Dorien Grav

High School Business Education Teacher



Accounting is the language of business and involves planning, recording, analyzing, and interpreting financial information. Business owners, managers, and accounting personnel use their knowledge of accounting to understand the information provide in accounting reports to make business decisions. Students in accounting will receive preparation for both personal use and business uses of record-keeping as well as in the basics of accounting principles. Today, there are excellent career opportunities for bookkeepers and accountants. The objectives of this course are to provide an understanding of acceptable accounting procedures and principles and methods of recording business transactions; to develop skill in maintaining accurate and neat business records; to understand how a business operates, and to promote interest in business careers.

College credit can be earned for Accounting (Applied Principles of Bookkeeping) through Riverland Community College. Check with Mrs. Grav for details and to register.

Accounting and Advanced Accounting classes will use Century 21 Accounting and the online website MindTap at NGLSync for all course content. Students in Accounting or Advanced Accounting are expected to access MindTap daily for assignments and announcements and to complete course work. You can link to the course website by clicking on the Cengage|MindTap icon below.

  • Please use your full name (capitalize appropriately please!)
  • Your ID is your book number, please include the dash as part of the ID (ex: 09-15)
  • Enter your school email address (you will need to verify your email)
  • If you are taking this course for college credit through Riverland Community College, you will also need to register for Principles of Bookkeeping with your Star ID. See Mrs. Grav to do this.

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