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Dorien Grav

High School Business Education Teacher

Advanced Accounting

2023-24 Advanced Accounting Syllabus

Advanced accounting is a second-year course that builds upon what was learned in first-year accounting and would apply toward your future career and/or personal use.  This course will be excellent for the student planning to enter business or accounting as a career.  This course is intended for the student who has one or more of the following objectives in mind:

  • Want to know more about business procedures and records
  • Plan to go to college and major in any phase of business
  • Plan to seek employment as a bookkeeper/accountant after high school
  • Plan possible career in programming or working with computers in business

Topics included in this course will be:  review of accounting principles; departmentalized accounting; accounting for the partnership and corporation; cost accounting; managerial decision making.

Accounting and Advanced Accounting classes will use Century 21 Accounting and the online website Mindtap at NGLSync for all course content. Students in Accounting or Advanced Accounting are expected to access Mindtap daily for assignments and announcements and to complete course work. You can link to the course website by clicking on the Cengage|Mindtap icon below.

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