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Dorien Grav

High School Business Education Teacher

Classroom Rules

Expectations and Rules

All students are entitled to learn and develop in a setting which promotes respect of self, others, and property.  Students must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner that maintains a climate in which learning can take place.  In addition to the Student Responsibilities and Code of Student Conduct outlined in your student handbook the following classroom rules apply:

  • Show respect for your fellow students, your school, your teacher and yourself.
  • I will do everything possible to allow myself to learn.
  • I will do everything possible to allow my classmates to learn.
  • I will do everything possible to allow my teacher to teach.
  • Disrespectful Behavior is:  Any word, look, sign or act that hurts a person’s body, possessions, dignity, or security.
  • Be on time to class. You will receive a tardy if you are not inside the classroom when the bell rings. (See Tardiness Policy in Handbook.)
  • Access Moodle daily for course content and to keep track of assignments and due dates.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the classroom or computer labs.
  • Only those programs that we are working on in class are permitted to be open or running during class time. No Internet access, e-mail, games etc. will be allowed during class time unless specifically used in class for a project. Having any of these programs open during class (even minimized) is not allowed.
  • Violation of Internet or computer rules will result in the loss of Internet privileges for an unspecified time.
  • We will follow all the guidelines of the Hayfield High School Grading Policy.