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Jamie Hansen

Social Worker


School Linked Mental Health Services

School-Linked-Mental-Health (SLMH) is a partnership with community providers to offer mental health services at school sites.  Hayfield Community Schools is partnering with Fernbrook to provide mental health treatment to our students.    Services are available to all qualifying students and are flexible to meet the needs of the students and families.  The goal of SLMH is to reduce the barriers for students and their families in order for them to receive comprehensive mental health services.    These barriers may include:  transportation, financial restrictions, waiting lists, and/or scheduling conflicts.

Services that may be provided include:

  • Intake Interview

  • Diagnostic Assessment

  • Individual Psychotherapy

  • Family Psychotherapy

  • Individual Skills Work

  • Family Skills Work

Services will be covered by individual and family health insurance companies.  However, if costs are a barrier, services may be covered by grant funding.  Mental Health services provided in a school setting have a greater potential to impact the learning environment and positively increases educational outcomes.  Students who have stable mental health do better socially, academically and behaviorally.

Referral Forms are available now by contacting:

Jamie Hansen, School Social Worker

Tracie Bestor, High School School Counselor