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Jana Wagner

FACS Teacher

Foods 3


This class is the culmination of foods classes where students can receive college credit after passing the Nationnal Restaurant Association exams and work hours. It prepares students for careers in culinary arts, and restaurant and food service restaurant management.

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Students from the Foods 3 class have planned, cooked, and served at Rochester’s Ronald McDonald House. The menu consisted of Cheddar Ranch Chicken, California Blend, Coleslaw, and Chocolate Lava Cake with Ice Cream. Alyssa Klocke and Dani Jax acted as head chefs and their sous chefs were Jana Wagner, Laura Wagner, and their mothers Jeanne Klocke and Becky Jax. Food was donated by Cargill. Alyssa and Dani were the first students in the newly created Foods 3 course. This course is sponsored by the National Restaurant Association and ProStart. Students fulfill the national requirements of 400 hours of working in the restaurant industry and college level course work.   They can then take 2 national tests. When all 3 requirements are met, students receive a certificate from the National Restaurant Association that they can use for possible college credits and advanced jobs in the restaurant industry. Alyssa and Dani received many compliments and A+ grades as residents came back for seconds and asked for the recipe. Good job girls!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Alyssa Klocke on meeting the ProStart requirements and receiving your Certificate of Achievement from the National  Restaurant Association.  Can’t wait to eat at your bakery some day!!!!  She’s almost done with school and ready to move on her foods career!!