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Jana Wagner

FACS Teacher

Foods 1 & 2

Foods 1 syllabus

Foods 2 syllabus

2739183_orig    apple leather    salsa-fresca
We would love any donations of garden produce you have!!  We can put it to great use!!

We use it to learn new techniques and cooking skills while making salsa or pico de gallo, stir-fry,
bruschetta, spaghetti/pizza sauce, apple crisp, applesauce, and apple leather.  YUM

Included are units on baking too – quick breads, pastries, cakes, and cookies – to get ready for our cookie contest, Thanksgiving dinner, and gingerbread houses!

We will also plan a food budget and experiment with herbs and leftovers to save within that budget while still creating awesome tasting food.

Advanced Foods explore more in-depth recipes while understanding the world of food outside of our region and country.  There are so many things to learn in Foods classess – reading, measuring, math, science, collaboration, listening skills, problem solving – all will last you a lifetime!