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Mrs. Anderson

5-8th Grade Band

Program Overview

5th Grade Band 

Taught by Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Lynch, the 5th grade band program consists of weekly lessons and full group rehearsals. Students will learn the fundamentals of playing their instrument, which will lay the groundwork for middle school and high school band. Students will be divided into small groups of like instruments for their weekly lessons. In addition to lessons, all 5th grade band students will meet once a week to play as a large group band. Students will be introduced to ensemble playing and following the conductor during weekly rehearsals. Concert music preparation will also take place during these rehearsals. Tone production, posture, instrument care, and music literacy (rhythms, notes, staff reading, listening, writing) are some of the many concepts and skills students will learn throughout the year. Students perform concerts in December and May with the 7-12th grade band students.

6-8th Grade Band  

Small group lessons and full group rehearsals are also a part of the 6-8th grade band program. 6-8th grade students will have lessons weekly and meet for rehearsals daily. Students are responsible for keeping track of and attending all lessons throughout the year. 6-8th grade students will learn and perform a variety of music and further develop music skills such as tone production and music literacy (rhythm/note/staff reading, listening, writing) throughout the year. These students perform at 2 concerts throughout the year, one in December and one in May.

The 2023-2024 concert dates are Monday, December 11th and Wednesday, May 8th.

You can view/download the Hayfield Band Handbook and handbook acknowledgement form below.