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Mrs. Anderson

Senior High Band

The senior high school band program advances the skills developed in junior high band and plays an active role in the school and greater Hayfield community. Students have numerous extra-curricular musical opportunities at this level- jazz band, solo/ensemble contest, large group contest, pep band, honor bands, and All-State, to name a few.

Pep Band

Senior High band students will perform at various football, volleyball, and basketball games throughout the fall and winter sports seasons. Attending the pep band events is required for all senior high band students and part of students’ grades. The band will perform at any post-season games a team advances to.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is an extra-curricular ensemble that meets on Mondays and Wednesdays before school from 7:15-7:55am. Jazz will begin in late September and meet through the end of the year. This ensemble is extra-curricular and is not graded. Jazz will perform at the December 11th and May 6th concerts, as well as have their own concert with the Hayfield Vikings Singers on Saturday, May 4th.


Go to the Hayfield Band Schedule page to view a complete performance schedule for the 2023-2024 school year.

See below to learn more about the program, and view Hayfield Band Handbook and handbook acknowledgement form.