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Class Rules

  1. Be Safe (indoor and outdoors, walking feet in hallway and classroom, keep hands and feet to self)
  2. Be Respectful (treat others the way you would like to be treated, whole body listening, thinking with your eyes, keeping your body in the group, raise hand, listen to others, use school property with care, use inside voice in our classroom, share with others, be a good sport)
  3. Be Responsible (following the group plan, clean up, homework, morning jobs: hang up backpack, bring in binder, gym shoes on, lunch/milk stick, library books in bucket, morning work)



Behavior Clip Chart

Purple: Student is “leading the pack” by example 

Green: Student is making “bear good choices”

Yellow: Student will “bounce back into good choice” 

Red: Contact will be made about the incident(s) that happened at school 

Each morning the students will start on green. The clip chart is flexible. What this means is that students can move their clip around the chart throughout the day based on their choices. At the end of the day that is the color that the student will receive on their calendar. If the student goes home with a red. You should expect to connect with me about the day.