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Laura Hoebing

High School English Teacher


Course Syllabus

Course Objective
This course is designed to introduce the student to the fundamentals of human communication in its verbal and nonverbal manifestations. Classroom lectures and discussions will be utilized to discover and understand the theoretical underpinnings of effective communication; and mastery will be achieved through practical application of this theory in a variety of class projects and presentations.

Attendance and Make-up Work:
See Grading for Learning information.

Tardies:  If not in your seat by the time of the bell ringing you are considered tardy.

Required Materials
one notebook and folder (exclusive to communications), black/blue ink or pencils.
           – NO COLORFUL GEL PENS!!

Classroom Procedures
Respect of fellow students, teachers, substitutes, self, and classroom materials and contents is expected.  We are all responsible for keeping the room looking neat and clean.  Disrespect for another race, sex, religion, etc. will not be tolerated. In here we are expected to learn from each other’s differences not disparage others.

Students are to bring their notebook, folder and writing utensil to class every day. Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period, unless stated otherwise.  Assignments turned in any time after the initial collection are considered late and will be graded per the new Grading for Learning policy.

Course Units (in no particular order)
1. Introduction to Human Communication: Foundations
2. The Dynamics of Interpersonal and Group Communication
3. Fundamentals of Public Speaking: The Speech of Introduction
4. Informative Speaking: The Demonstration Speech & The Informative Speech
5. Advanced Public Speaking: Debates and The Persuasive Speech

1. regular attendance
2. preparation for the daily activities
3. participation in class discussions is expected
3. successful completion of all readings, writing assignments, exams, or projects
4. evaluations of your own work and the work of your peers
5. understanding other people’s viewpoints whether you agree or disagree

Assessment is based upon the above requirements. Because this is a discussion course, I utilize performance assessment that relies on the evaluation of long-term growth. What this means is that, although we will have class presentations, exams, quizzes, and our whole class discussions you are always being evaluated. This will all be to your advantage if you give your best effort in class daily. It will definitely be to your disadvantage if you choose not to participate, to give a mediocre effort, or to disrupt the course. Communications cannot be learned exclusively from a book. Because the majority of our growth will develop out of what we do in class, attendance and participation are highly important. This will lead to effective work on the course projects which will amount to the greatest percentage of your grade. You will be expected to demonstrate knowledge (of facts), comprehension (of concepts), and application (of knowledge and concepts through developed skills).

Grading Scale
Course grades will be calculated according to the school’s uniform grading scale:

100-94% A     89-87% B+     79-77% C+     69-67% D+     59-0% F

93-90% A-      86-84% B        76-74% C        66-64% D

83-80% B-      73-70% C-      63-60% D-

Grading Expectations
All grading expectations will be followed based upon what is deemed by Hayfield High School handbook. Any questions refer to said handbook.

Collaborative Learning – A Quick Note
Improvement in any process-oriented, performance course is dependent upon the receipt of quality feedback and the incorporation of that feedback in any future work. You will be required to evaluate your own work and the work of your peers. Because this requires sincerity, a constructive approach, and the willingness to give and accept criticism, we will spend some time creating an environment which fosters trust and a care for others. You will be expected at all times to treat each other fairly and decently with the desire that all will succeed. This way, we will all grow together. A student who gives feedback actually learns about his/her own work while also helping the recipient of the feedback to grow. Interdependence is a necessary and rewarding part of this course.

Please enjoy the syllabus below and contact me with any questions: