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Mary Carlson

3rd Grade Teacher

Third Grade Links!

MCA Tutorial! Great Step by Step Guide to check out types of Ques.


Astronomy for Kids – Check out the neat astronomy games!


Bar Graph Game (Fuzz Bugs)

Bar Graph Games and Quizzes!

Bar Graphs (Bugs in the System)

Capacity Games! – Games about capacity!

Congruent and Similar Shapes!

Congruent Game! Fuel the Brain!

Congruent Shapes!  Turtle Diary!

Congruent and Similar Games to Play!

Cool Math 4 Kids – Fun Math Games!

Clock Games!  Lots of fun time games!

Decimal Squares! – Have Fun With Decimals!

Dr. Seuss Fun! – Have Fun With Read Across America Activities!

Earth Day Activities! – Games and Puzzles to Celebrate Earth Day!

Fact and Opinion – Test your knowledge on Fact and Opinion!

Fact Monster – Try your Knowledge with this cool website!

Fire Prevention-Learn about Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Sparky!  Have fun with Sparky!

Fraction Bingo:  Bingo Fun!

Fraction Forest Games!

Fraction Fling   Can you hit the target?

Fraction Game! Shoot the Fractions!

Fraction Fun! Fractions are awesome!

Fraction Pizza!  Make Pizza using fractions!

Fractions!-Hit the Unit Fraction!

Fraction Golf

Free Rice! – Earn Free Rice with Vocabulary!

Gamequarium Fractions! – Cool Fraction Games and so much more!

Geoboard Fun!

Geocaching Fun – What is Geocaching all about? Check it out!

 Gamequarium Geometry! Geometry Fun

Geometry Games to Learn!

Geometry Games for Third Grade!  (Turtle Diary)

Geometry Games to Try Out! 

Geometry Games!

Geometry Solid Figures Game! – Name that solid Figure!

Helping Verbs! Fun Target Game!

Helping Verbs! Basketball

Helping Verbs! Soccer Game!

Helping Verbs! Alien Game!

Internet Language and Math! – Language Building Skills!

Kenken Puzzles! – Fun Math Puzzles!

Kid Zone Games! – Fun Games to help learn!

Main Idea! Can you Find the Main Idea?

Main Idea!  Hamburger Main Idea (For Computers)

Magic School Bus! – Check out what’s happening on the Magic School Bus!

Making Change! – Making Change is fun!

Math Variety-Fractions! Fractions and a lot more!

Math Book Fun – Check out the math book activities!

Math Book! – Math Book Help! Here is the code: E2192996F9

Math Fun! – Math Games!

Math is Fun! – MATH IS FUN!!!

Measurement Fun!

Measurement-Turtle Diary!

Math Place Value Football – Football Fun and Place Value

Math Practice! – Excellent Math Practice for third graders!

Math-Drills! Free worksheets – Help your child with their math facts!

MCA Tutorial! This Guides you through the MCA Test!

MCA II Practice Site! – Great Practice for the MCA II Test!

MCA II Practice Sites! – A Great Way to Practice for the MCA II Test!

Measurement – Lots of Ways to Measure!

Minnesota Eagle Link Check out the Eagles!

Minnesota Education Link – Minnesota Education Link!

Money Change!-  Can you figure out the right change?

Money Counting! – Can you count the money?

Money Fruit Shoot Game! – Can you shoot the fruit with the correct amount of money?

Money Games! – Can you figure out the right amount for the items?

Multiplication Fun! – Multiplication Testing!

Mummies! – Mummies of the World! (from Scholastic)

Name That State! – Can you name all of the states?

Ordered Pair Games (Coordinates)

Ordered Pairs (Battleship)

Perimeter and Area!

Perimeter- Find the missing Area!

Perimeter Shape Game!

Perimeter and Area (Turtle Diary)

Perimeter and Area! Zoo Designer!

Piggy Bank– Can you find the correct coins?

Piggy Bank Math Counting Money!

Piggy Bank Catch the coins Can you catch the correct coins?

Place Value Fun!  Try out your place value skills

Rounding!  Try out your rounding skills!

Rounding Fun!  Try your luck!

Pompeii!! – Pompeii Fun! See the volcano errupt!

Reading Video! (Cool) – Check out the video made by a middle school on reading!

Science Fun!  Fun games to play to go along with our science book!

Slide Flips and Turns http://www.harcourtschool.com/activity/icy_slides_flips_turns/


Smokey the Bear Game! – Smokey the Bear, Be Safe!

Sparky Fire Prevention – Fire Prevention Fun!

Spelling City

Stop Disasters! – Can you stop the disaster?

Symmetry!  Can you draw these?

Symmetry Line Shapes!

Symmetry Fun!

Symmetry (Turtle Diary)

Symmetry or Not?

Tally Chart Games

Tally Chart Games (Turtle Diary)

Tally Chart-Make a Tally Chart!

Tangrams! – Try out these tangrams to see if you can make them fit!

Third Grade Fun Site! – Be Creative with Technology!

Third Grade Variety – Third Grade Stuff!

Time – Have Fun With Time!

Time Games Fun!  Check it out!

Time For Kids – Time Magazine!

Time Games! – Learn to Tell Time!

Timed Tests!- Practice your facts!

Titanic – Cool Titanic Information!

Turtle Race – Check out the turtle race!

Eagle Cam–  See the eagles live!