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Science Fair Information

A display of Sarah Sides, an Arnn 5th-grade student and science fair participant, experimental process of "what plants grows best in sponges." (U.S. Army photo by Noriko Kudo)

Science Fair:

All 5th graders will be expected to participate in the Hayfield Science Fair as a part of the 5th-grade science curriculum. Date TBD.

The ZED Science Fair date is TBD.

ZED Science Fair Rules 

As a class, we will be doing a practice of the science fair in class. Students will work in small groups to gain experience in all aspects of the science fair process. They will then have 6-8 weeks to come up with an idea, research, ask a testable question, design and conduct an experiment, examine their results, and finally communicate their experiment and results.


Science Fair Display Board

Below are some sites that might be helpful. Students are not limited to these ideas. Please get approval from Mrs. Klennert before beginning your science fair project.

Video from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory- How to Do a Science Fair Project 

Science BuddiesScience Fair Project Ideas

ScienceBob.com Science Fair Ideas

Mrs. Hammer’s Science Fair Ideas 

Saint Paul Public Schools Elementary Science Fair Planning Guide

Perri Furnei, a fifth-grader from Arnn Elementary School, project titled "From Milk to Stone," hypothesizes the Casein protein in milk samples mixed with acid can hardening to the point of stone. Perri presented her experiment during the school's annual science fair April 17 held inside the school's gymnasium.  (U.S. Army photos by Candateshia Pafford)

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