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Molly Heydt

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Family Circus | Family circus, Family circus comics, Family circus cartoon

 December 7-11:


Letters/Sounds:  all

New Sight Words:  can, come

Review:  I, a, like, the, to, go, see, we, an, and, at, am, he, is

Poems:  I Can – Please Come See!

Stories:  Read Alouds (Stories about feelings) – Tough Boris – When Sophie Gets Angry – Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild

Shared Reading:  Fly Away, Slip & Slide

Skills:  Rhyming, Beginning Sounds with /y/ , Blending 2 and 3 Sounds, Segmenting Sounds, Syllables

Writing:  Sight Words, CVC words, Journals (what makes you happy?)


 Chapter 5:  Addition  –  Lessons 5.8 – 5.12 (Ways to Make 6,7,8,9,10)

Penny – Nickel

Counting by 10’s to 100


Holidays Around the World:  Brazil, Germany, Israel

Mrs. Hansen visit