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PIE (Parents in Education)
Partners in Education is a volunteer group that provides support to students, parents, teachers, staff and administration of Hayfield and Brownsdale Elementary Schools. We need you! We are seeking volunteers and would welcome any time, talent, ideas you have to offer. Come join us!

School Patrol
Being a patrol member is not always an easy task. It requires a person to be responsible and serious about the assignment. Many people depend on their judgement. It requires a student to be on duty in all types of weather and on those days they are assigned to work.
Being a patrol member also has its rewards. The chance to develop their leadership capabilities and a responsible attitude are among the top rewards. A chance to attend a Twins game next spring, and a chance to earn a trip to Legionville School Patrol Camp near Brainerd, Minnesota, are two other good reasons to become a patrol member. They also get a free pass (card) to all of the non-tournament events here at Hayfield.

Elementary Band
Elementary Band is open to any fifth or sixth grade student who wants to be a part of an instrumental ensemble. Although most fifth grade students begin in the fall of each year, students will be allowed to start at any point in the year. Students may chose a woodwind instrument–clarinet, flute, or saxophone, a brass instrument–trumpet, trombone or baritone, or a percussion instrument. ( Only students with two or more years of piano instruction will be invited to play percussion). Students receive one fifteen minute small group lesson each week and attend one thirty-minute weekly band rehearsal. Students are released from their classroom for these times of instruction. Band students participate in the Winter Concert, the Music In Our Schools Concert, and a Spring Band Blast.

Academic Triathlon
Academic Triathlon is a product of the belief that thinking skills should be an important part of education. It is a five person team challenge for students grades 5 – 8 that rewards strong performance in the areas of general intellect: specific academic abilities; leadership and psycho-social dynamics; visual and performing arts; and creative/productive thinking. All events are worth 20 to 100 points each meet lasts three hours, giving skills to last a lifetime.