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Ron Hansen

High School Special Education (EBD) Teacher

About Me


I’m a person who is very passionate about my hobbies and enjoy goal oriented pursuits. During the fall you’ll probably find me chasing waterfowl in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. Hunting ducks is my greatest passion in life and I’ll be on the water from early September to late November. I also enjoy hunting geese, pheasants, and deer when given the opportunity. The sport was introduced to me by my dad and it continues to provide me with a chance to spend quality time with him.

When we begin to beat down the winter season I eagerly await the fishing season. My family takes a yearly trip at the beginning of June to Sand Lake in northern Minnesota. The majority of my time and energy is devoted to spending time on the water. My family truly enjoys spending time together and we’re also competitive while on the lake.

Much of my spring and summer seasons are spent on the softball diamond. I’ve spent the last nine years as the league director for adult softball at the Maple Island Ballpark. It’s a role that I’ve come to enjoy and I pride myself in running a player friendly league. Despite aging I still seem to find my way onto a ball field a couple nights a week plus many weekends. Softball has been a hobby that has allowed me to meet many great people and make new friends over the years I’ve been involved with the game.