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School Aged Child Care

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the SAC program. The Hayfield-Brownsdale School District program is designed to provide a safe and supervised environment for children in Preschool through age 12.

SAC offers a variety of activities to channel children’s energies into positive growing experiences. SAC will focus on the following goals for your child:
1. To develop new friendships and work together in cooperative group situations.
2. To gain respect for themselves, others and property.
3. To develop self-confidence.
4. To provide a safe, caring, trusting & relaxed environment conducive to fun and adventure.
5. To provide trained caring & respectful staff who understand the importance of a stable setting that meets the developmental needs of children.

SAC offers a variety of activities in both group and individual situations. Some of the activities include: arts and crafts, sports, creative and dramatic play, recreational skills, community exploration, reading, science, manipulative and construction toys, outdoor play, and special events.

Weather permitting, children will spend time outdoors and/or will be allowed to use the gym for active play. “Free time” for the children to pursue their own interests in a safe, friendly environment will be provided.

* SAC serves children, the summer before Kindergarten through the age of 12. With Prior approval children in Preschool can start summer before Kindergarten
* Hayfield-Brownsdale School District will not deny or discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion or national origin in its enrollment policies.

SAC staff has experience in planning, implementing and supervising appropriate activities for school age children. All staff members are involved in on-going in-service training.