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Are Your Kids Ready for School?

Click here for the most current immunization information from MN Dept of Health.

The school is required to have all student’s immunization information on file BEFORE the school year begins. Your child may not begin the school without the immunization information on file.

Immunizations protect students from common childhood communicable diseases. MN School Immunization Law requires a parent or guardian to provide documentation that your child has been immunized or have on file a notarized exemption.

Open and print a blank immunization record. You may fill in the dates of of your childs immunizations.

Student Immunization Record (english)

Kindergarten entrance:
1.) 5 DTaP (5th shot not needed if 4th was after age 4)
2.) 4 polio (4th not needed if 3rd shot was after the age of 4)
3.) 3 Hepatitis B
4.) 2 MMR
5.) 2 Varicella *varicella shot not required if child has already had chickenpox disease

7th grade students:
1.) 5 DTaP and a 6th Tdap booster: 6th booster may be given after the 11th birthday. (Tdap boosters that are given after their 7th birthday but before their 11th birthday will be accepted )
2.) 2 MMR
3.) 4 polio
4.) Hepatitis B series (3)
5.) 2 varicella (chickenpox), 2 are required * Varicella shot not required if student has already had chickenpox disease.
6.) Meningococcal -One dose is required for 7th grade, a second dose at age 16 years (10th/11th grade).

***Students will not begin the 1st day of school if all information is not in compliance with Minnesota Immunization Law. Please submit all missing vaccination dates or notarized exemption to the attention of the school nurse ASAP.***

If you have questions regarding immunizations during summer break please call your primary care physician.
Thank You!