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Sherry A. Weaver

English, Yearbook and ELL Teacher

Classroom Expectations (aka. rules)

I have three you need to remember… and a few suggestions.

Students will do everything they can to learn in this room

Students will allow others to do everything they can to learn in this room.

Students will allow the teacher to do everything she can to teach in this room.

In order to succeed in this classroom, you need to remember:

1) Grades are earned – I will not adjust a grade to help a student reach their desired GPA. Students will not negotiate grades, but are welcome to discuss expectations to reach a desired score.

2) I do not feel an A-, B, or C is a terrible grade, nor are any of them a mark of failure. Summative assignments are open for retakes.

3) Students need to keep up daily to succeed in my class. Lessons build on prior work. It is nearly impossible to “ace” this course if a student lets themself get behind. 

4) Students should come to see or email me if they have questions or need assistance.

5) I value the feedback provided by former students. The items to remember come directly from student responses.