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School Closings & Severe Weather

One of the most important things for parents/guardians of any school age child to remember is that this is Minnesota, the land of harsh winters and sudden changes as far as weather is concerned. As you all well know, conditions can approach and change for the worse in a short period of time. It’s important that parents be aware of the weather conditions predicted for the  Hayfield School District area and dress their children accordingly. Bad weather can produce road and visibility conditions which make school buses run late. Inclement weather slows traffic, results in accidents, and causes poor visibility. Winter weather conditions can also result in stuck vehicles which block streets or make school bus routes or turn arounds inaccessible.
It is critical that each family have an emergency plan if the bus is very late, does not come during inclement weather, or if school is released early or starting late. This plan should include an alternate emergency location, such as a neighbor, for the child to go to for shelter. Parents/guardians of transported students are urged to consider how long their children might have to wait at the bus stop during conditions of extreme cold or inclement weather.
When severe weather is forecasted for the Hayfield School District area, the Superintendent and the Transportation Director work together to monitor the weather and road conditions from several sources. The decision to cancel or shorten the school day is started as soon as severe weather conditions become imminent. The Transportation Director monitors and judges the road and visibility conditions throughout the school district area. Calls are made to Dodge, Mower and Olmsted County Highway Depts. as well as the neighboring school districts Transportation Directors to determine what the conditions are like around the Hayfield School District area. The Superintendent monitors the approaching weather online and contacts the neighboring school districts Superintendents to determine how they are handling the situation. Both the Superintendent and Transportation Director use the information each has gathered to make the safest decision for the children in the Hayfield School District.

When weather conditions dictate a school day cancellation or a late start, the following media outlets are notified prior to 6am. When the weather dictates an early release from school, the media outlets are notified as soon as the decision is made during the day.

Phone & e-mail: A message will be sent to your phone & your e-mail in event of a school cancellation, early release or late start.

The television stations are responsible for posting school closings or delays on their websites.
If school is scheduled to start late or release early due to the weather, please be aware of the adjusted bus times for your child. If the school start time is delayed 2 hours, expect the buses to run around 2 hours behind your normal scheduled bus time. If school is released early, please adjust your normal bus time by the amount of time school is being released early. Road or visibility conditions may cause the buses to run behind their scheduled times and can vary considerably during inclement weather. Do not be alarmed if the bus is 15 to 30 minutes behind their scheduled time during severe snow storms or ice/rain storms. We strive to provide safe transportation for the students in the Hayfield School District and take extra care when the weather or road conditions are severe enough to cancel or delay school.

We recognize that all not all parents will agree with our decision to cancel school, start late, or release early, however great care is taken to ensure the safe transportation of all students thru out the school district. As the child’s parent or guardian, the final decision is always yours as to whether or not you consider conditions appropriate for your child to ride the bus to school or attend school. We respect your right to make this decision and only ask that should you decide to keep your child at home because of weather or road conditions that you notify your child’s school and the bus garage of that decision. Doing so will not count against your child’s allowed number of excused absences per the 8-absence rule (for grades 7-12) or against your child’s attendance record (grades K-6)