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My child goes to daycare on Tues and Thursdays and sometimes on Fridays, can you bus her to daycare some days and home other days?

Yes, we can transport children to 2 different locations. We can ensure transportation to the correct location if we have a set schedule in writing in advance. We do understand that “things happen” and will try to accommodate last minute changes and emergencies as best we can.

• My son, Harry, wants to go to a friend’s house after school; can he ride the bus to his friend’s house?

Yes, if we receive a signed note from Harry’s mom or dad stating where Harry is going and includes a phone number to reach either parent at in case of an emergency, Harry can ride to a friend’s house.

• If school is delayed or cancelled because of weather related issues, how do I find out what time the bus come?

When school is released early or starting late due to weather, there are several ways you can find this information. Click here for this information.

• Why did my child get a “Bus Violation Report” and what does that mean?

A “Bus Violation Report” means that a student was behaving inappropriately on the bus or violated a rule listed in the school’s Transportation Policy. If your child received a violation form for a minor infraction, such as standing while the bus is in motion or bothering others, be assured that this was not the first time your child has been reminded of the rules. School bus drivers are trained professionals who care about the children they transport and work with them on a daily basis to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone on the bus. Depending on what the infraction was, the violation form could be a written warning or a notice of pending suspension. Click here for further information.

• The bus goes right by my house, why can’t it stop at my driveway and pick up my kids?

School buses drive by the homes of thousands of students each day. It is not possible to stop at every corner near which a student resides. The greater the frequency of stops a school bus makes the more the motoring public becomes impatient or frustrated with the stopping school bus. This results in drivers illegally passing the stopped school bus and endangering the students boarding or exiting the school bus. Unnecessary stops also result in an increase in the number of bus stops, resulting in longer ride times for all students. Most bus stops are within a 3 block range of the students registered to ride the bus for that area.

• How is the decision made to cancel school or send the kids home early?

When severe weather is forecast for the Hayfield area, the Superintendent and the Transportation Director work together to monitor the weather and road conditions from several sources as soon as the forecast is publicized. The decision to cancel or shorten the school day is started as soon as severe weather conditions become imminent. The decision is made after many factors are considered. The Transportation Director monitors and judges the road and visibility conditions throughout the school district area. Calls are made to Dodge, Mower and Olmsted County Highway Depts. as well as the neighboring school districts Transportation Directors to determine what the conditions are like around the Hayfield area. The Superintendent monitors the approaching weather online and contacts the neighboring school districts Superintendents to determine how they are handling the situation. Both the Superintendent and Transportation Director use the information each has gathered to make the safest decision for the children in the Hayfield School District.